The Mock IPL Auction is sure to be an exciting and thrilling experience for all. Get crores of virtual money and spend it lavishly buying the best players for your IPL team. Quick thinking, wit, and good teamwork along with fast calculation ability are all you need to ace it.

Sounds interesting? Come join us in making your dream a reality.


Round 1. Cricket Quiz:
Teams of 4 can participate in this quiz round (on IPL), out of which the top 8 teams will qualify for the auction.

Round 2. Mock IPL Auction Round:
All 8 teams will be provided with a fixed virtual amount to buy their favourite players who in turn will have certain points for their batting, bowling and fielding. All players will have a base price and the participants will aim to form a team with the maximum points.

Rules & Regulations

  1. 1.Teams of 4 or 5 participants.

  2. 2. Each team will have a fixed budget which will be provided in the form of virtual money. Teams have to bid for players and buy them.

  3. 3. If at any point during the auction, a team crosses the specified budget, it will be disqualified.

  4. 4. Players will be given different rating points according to their recent IPL performances.

  5. 5. All the unsold players will be put for auction at the team’s request or on demand. One request per team.

  6. 6. The list of players along with their rating points will be revealed prior to the auction.

  7. 7. A team can buy a maximum of 11 players.

  8. 8. At the end of the auction, the teams have to submit their best 8 man team including a maximum of 3 overseas players. Each 8 man team will have a minimum of 3 batsmen, 2 bowlers, 1 wicketkeeper and 1 all rounder.

Winner Rules

  1. Teams will be judged on:
  2. Their final team score
  3. The amount of money left with them post-auction.
  4. The decision of the organizers and the judges will be final and binding.